Behind the Scenes | Swim Shoot Ed.

Hi Lovelies,

As promised I'm sharing a look into how I create some of my content that I end up sharing with you all! It's not all fun and games all the time, but not gonna lie this shoot was pretty dang good lol. One of my besties, Megs, offered to shoot these for me because I was on a time slot on getting the images per the companies campaign run. Oh yeah, that's another post in itself. Being a content creator for brands is so fun, but it can be stressful sometimes. I can get into the deets of that with y'all later, but back to the shoot. Basically Lar was out of town so my girl said she'd do it. Megs is also my go to girl while we're working together lol... isn't she so lucky - Love ya girl mean it!

We decided to hit up Disney's Art of Animation resort because we thought it would be perfect for summer with all the bright colors and different movie decor. This was in one single shoot we were able to bang out five looks, making it seem as if these pics were all taken on different days because of the backgrounds. How smart are we, lol?! This definitely is a good trick to keep in mind when you're looking for places to shoot. Just try to think of an area that would have lots of different scenery to make the "feel" different. This way your audience doesn't get bored with your pix.

Like I said I had five looks I needed to get shot. It was hot and humid, the storm was rolling in, and we both needed to get to work. The fact that she knows exactly what I'm looking for though makes getting pix so so easy! Even when she can't see because of the sun! We busted out all of these looks in a hour and a half, including getting our lunch. Now that's team work!

I made a little vlog of the shoot. Watch if you feel inspired to do so, there's some good stuff in there. Otherwise just enjoy the images from the day.

So as you can probably tell, we had a blast! Watch for yourselves to see the action.

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Orlando, FL