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Travel Vlog | Sarasota

Hi Lovelies,

I'm recapping our recent trip we took for the holiday down to Sarasota, FL. It was super short, but I had actually three days off for the 4th of July so we took advantage of it.

Travel Vlog | Sarasota

Decided to make a quick trip down for a little beaching and boating fun! Got to hang out with a couple of friends, and have some early birthday celebrations for them. It was so nice out as well. I mean it's always hot here in FL, but to be honest it wasn't crazy muggy or anything while watching fireworks. It was really pleasant. Take a peak at my travel vlog to see more of the insights to our trip.

I must say boating was the most exciting part of the trip! I have't been boating in years and it was just so pretty where we were. The water was so blue and clear too! It almost didn't feel like we were even in FL. I mean we did cruz out in the Gulf of Mexico, so that was pretty rad!


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