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What I got from the Nsale!

Hi ya Lovelies,

I know there's been a lot of talk about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for awhile now, but I wanted to show y'all what I ended up getting from Early Access.

What I got from the Nsale!

I'm not gonna lie, I was highly frustrated with the early access process this year. I'm sure if y'all know me then you know I got my online shopping game down to a T. I was on there, added to cart, and purchased in less than 30mins to the launch... I know I'm a little crazy right. Maybe I should take it down a notch lol. Anyways, SOOOO many things got CANCELED on me! I was so upset, because I was like how in the heck?! I did everything so quickly. Seriously, 5 days later I was still receiving canceling emails on items that said had already "shipped." Super frustrating.

This was probably for the better. The shopping angels were over looking saying you don't need all these things, and they're probably right, but it's how it all happened that was a let down.

I still did get a few really cute things though that I was really excited about. I made a complete review and try on haul about them! Showing you everything that came thus far. Talking sizing and quality for the prices. Also, a lot of these items are still IN STOCK!

Hope you all enjoy this little clothing haul sesh. I got the items linked below as well that you can click to shop :)


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