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New Finds, You Need

Hi Lovelies,

Amazon does it again! I have a few new finds that honestly I think you all need in your life! From some beauty accessories, to travel cases, and designer dupes... I got it all in here for you.

The best thing is that all of these finds are super budget friendly! Even the dupes are pretty dang decent.


If you don't already own a vanity light up mirror this is a perfect go to to try out! They have other colors, but of course rose gold princess had to choose this one. It's the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, it's just right... just like Goldielock's porridge. The left side of the mirror has 2 levels of magnifying intensity, 2X or 3X... Not gonna lie I don't know who want's to see things that up close, but you got it if you need it. And the lights are dimmable. It gives off a decent amount of light for sure, but it's not dressing room glam lights by any means. I ordered this because I wanted something at my work station for touch ups throughout the day, and it's perfect!

Get you some face spatulas to solve all your face mask needs. These are so cute and fun. Are they needed, no, but they work great and keep your dirty fingers out of your jars. Simply use these babies to spread your mask even over your face and keep your stuff sanitary.


Now us girls know that when it comes to packing your makeup for trips, it's a pain in the butt most the time. you typically need at least 2 cosmetic bags (or at least I do), and it takes up so much room. Also, don't get me started when during travel things get shifted and your palettes break. Well y'all I think I found the fix! This cosmetic travel case if perfect to solve all of this. There's tons of space, you can adjust the dividers so your things fit snugly, and there's brush holders. Again, go figure I chose the pink one, but there's more options too and this bad boy was under $20!


Oh boy, now these are some prehities! Chloe and Goyard! Serious amazing dupes that honestly look spot on. At least to this girls eye they seem pretty damn legit. Both of these come in a variety of colors and sizes. I def would recommend the Goyard tote replica if have to select one. I've been using this tote non stop and it's beautiful and amazing quality. I load my tote up some days, but the straps are so sturdy. The only little thing I've noticed is the rubber coating starting to peel off, but it's not removing the color of the strap. So weird.

You can watch my NEW AMAZON FINDS HAUL on the tubes to see all these for yourself more in depth! Everything nis linked below to shop as well ;)




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