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The Secret to My Instagram

Hi Lovelies,

I'm spilling the beans to my Instagram feed!

I know most recently a lot of you have been super interested in getting the tea on how I create my feed and what apps I use, well get ready to enjoy your first cup of Laura's special brew.

I created a tutorial for this as well so it would be super easy for you to follow along and see exactly what I do to all of my photos I end up sharing across my platforms. First and for most, I love a nice edited photo, but I try my hardest to keep it real in the same sense! I play with lighting and other effects, maybe if I have a bruise I'll try to remove, but as for body image I keep true to me. There's nothing worse than seeing one thing on social media, then actually seeing another in person. Y'all be proud of who you are and just BE YOU!

I'm taking you through how I edit the lighting of my images today. The app I love and use for this is Lightroom. It's my go to. It's a total game changer! You would not believe how adjusting the lighting in a picture can dramatically make or break that particular photo. Lighting is EVERYTHING! If y'all follow me on Insta, then you already know my feed has a warm fairytale pink aesthetic to it. Go figure I choose this to create a cohesive look for my account. Adding this little element to all your photos adds that little extra personality to your photos. It doesn't matter what color theming or if you like more contrasted images, it all sets a tone for the people viewing to get to know you better. This app can be downloaded and used for FREE! There are features that you would need to sign up with the cloud and pay for to use, but all the things I show you in this tutorial are free.

Take a look at how I edit my images below. Feel free to ask questions (either in the comments here or on my YT), I promise I'll get back to you.

Also, are you interested in more information like this? LMK!



(video uploads at 2p EST)


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