Darling Dress Code

Hi Lovelies,

I'm hitting all of your girly desires when it comes to your outfit needs! Y'all know me well enough (and if you don't, you'll catch on soon) that I LOVE everything and anything completely dainty and darling! I am def the ultimate girly girl.

I have so many looks that I have worn throughout the past couple months that if you don't follow me on social media, then you may not have seen them... and that's just not ok. These outfits, are too pretty to go unseen and fulfill my girly needs 100% I'm sure you'll understand why as you scroll through the looks yourselves.

Super darling am I right?! I hope you guys think so too, I just think the pastels and the delicate fabrics make outfits so so appealing on women. All of these looks are from the same place (click HERE) and it makes me so happy. The quality of all of these items are so nice too! I honestly have not received one piece of clothing that was in bad shape from them ever. The fit is always great too. I wear a size S in most everything, except the denim skirt and long sleeve dress are in a M.

Take a peak see what new fun girly things are coming in for fall. I'm so excited to get my next package in to share with you all!

Until next time, stay sweet sunshines ;)





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