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I wanted to share with you all about the new Galaxy's Edge that opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios here in Orlando, FL. I'm sure most of you have heard about the new Star Wars land making an appearance this August 2019 and it was full of excitement. Thought I would share my time in Batuu with you and let you know my opinion what the planet has to offer.

First of all, it's incredibly immersive which is what I loved about it so so much! The attention to detail in my opinion was truly magnificent. Now, I'm not a crazy huge Star Wars fan who knows everything about it all, but from a person who just enjoys the movies I thought it was great! The land in itself is pretty large. It seems very open to me, like there's waisted space. As cool as it looks, I feel like it's shop after shop after shop though. I wish there was a little more they could offer or more interactions with characters or something. Now I'm basing this off of our cast preview day, so now that the land is actually open it could feel very different in there with crowds I'm sure.

Let's talk about the food and drink offerings. There's a few places that have beverages and two restaurants that serve food. One food stand is more like a quick quick service and the other actually is a sit down quick service. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the food selections. They're very strange for a picky eater like myself. Larry and I got the ribs... he didn't mind them, but I def did not like the taste. Plus they were like tiny tiny boned ribs, like half the length it was weird. It came with a blueberry corn muffin though that was decent if it wouldn't have been so dried out. Next time I go I'll try something different. I heard the chicken (which isn't called chicken) is pretty good so maybe that'll suit me better. For the popcorn queen that I am, I will say I really liked the spicy sweet popcorn they have in Batuu. The blue pieces were my fave, they're the sweet ones. And the Coke bottles, omg they're adorable. I bought one and I don't even really drink that much soda anymore lol.

As for Smuggler's Run, the ride was cute and fun. I'm not a huge fan of simulators because they don't agree with my head, but overall I thought it was fun. Nothing I would wait in line for over an hour though.

Now for Oga's Cantina! I think this was the coolest place in the outer rim. They only serve drinks here (non and alcoholic) and it's reservations only. Again, it's so immersive and def makes you feel like you step into a bar straight out of the movies. Lar and I got a few of the drinks to try out. Of course I can't remember the names of them all. I got one though I think it was called the "Fuzzy Taun Taun" and it was super fun to drink because it left this tingle sensation on your lips. The other one I got was similar to a margarita, but it had this sweet mango foam on top which was really good too.

Oh and we can't forget... Green or Blue Milk?

Obvi I choose Blue! Okay, I will say it was yummy, but I really am not sure what all the hype is about it though! It's not like that amazing. Oh and the Green is absolutely disgusting. I don't know they make for cute pics, so I'm all about that ;)

So overall, I think Galaxy's Edge is a lot of fun and I think they did a great job creating Batuu but I'm not sure if it lives up to all it's hype. I think it's cool and I def had a great time and will be revisiting while our block outs are lifted. I think it would've been a better turn out if they would've waited for the second ride to be done to be honest. Now to make up some new light and dark side looks to bring you more fun pics, am I right ;)

Enjoy Galaxy's Edge if you plan to visit soon. I think you're going to have a blast!

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