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Happy Frozen II Day

Hi there Snowflakes,

First of all, I am beyond excited for the release of Frozen II! I mean it has only been 6 years later. The anticipation leading up to this day, omgoodness I couldn't take it any longer. All the rumors and theories on what would happen in this sequel, I just couldn't believe any of them and I for sure wasn't about to dig into to try and find out prior. I like being surprised!

Speaking of... if you do not want spoilers, then STOP reading right now!

You can come back after you've seen the movie and chime in with me :) If you don't really care and want to find out the deetz and my opinion then continue!

Happy Frozen II Day

I'm sure y'all can guess it, but I absolutely LOVED the movie! It hands down did not disappoint and it left me feeling all the emotions you can imagine. I'll admit I was nervous because of all the hype and the things I had been hearing, I did not want to be let down... but Disney you did it again! You created another fantasy that will thrive and touch so many peoples' hearts.

I'm not kidding when I say I felt all the feels while watching this. From laughter to tears and everything in-between Frozen II made you go through it all. Olaf that cute and silly little guy, omg he cracked me up so much I was dying of laughter in my seat during certain parts. He wasn't the only one that had me giggling though. Kristoff and Sven along with several other reindeer had a great moment where they busted out into song to fill the theater full of chuckles. A little on the corny side, but so cute.

Anna and Elsa now, their love has grown so thick it truly is unbreakable. Reliving their childhood days at the beginning of the film gave so much insight to their personalities for the rest of the movie. I honestly think they showed more of this in this one then they did in the original. The story line of doing "The Next Right Thing" played strong throughout the film. With the sisters intense connection and their will to make sure each other stayed safe alone was heart feeling, but to see them relive their memories of what truly lied in the past broke me. One of the facts Olaf shared with the gang was that water holds memory. Well with Elsa's magical powers she was able to create snow visions to really dive down deep and discover the truth. Not only of the sister's parents, but of Arendelle and the connection to the Enchanted Forest.

Let's jut say their ancestors to the throne weren't so truthful to create happiness and peace amongst the two lands. Because of course Elsa honestly never knows when to stop... I love that determination about her, but it ended up getting her into some more trouble (sounds about right). She magically sent what she discovered to Anna for her to then do "The Next Right Thing." Que the runny eyes and sniffles now, because y'all are not ready! Everything from here was sooooo intense. The sadness and heart wrenching emotions that happened, like I didn't know a cartoon could do this to me. There's a lot that happened to showcase true love, determination to do what's right, and putting yourself in front of danger to protect others. I'm telling you, you GO THROUGH IT with these girls! Of course in the end everything turns out for the best and the gang is all back together. There are some changes though... I'm still working on how I feel about some of those ;) but in the end everyone is joyous and the lands are at peace and all things are working together as one.

Happy Frozen II Day

I really hope if you haven't gotten to see the movie yet, you venture out now to enjoy it for yourselves. Please feel free to comment below and lmk your thoughts on it all. I would love to discuss it with you.




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