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A Day with Me in Self Quarantine

Hi ya lovelies,

This whole social distancing is no joke!

It's only day 3 and I'm starting to lose it. I know we're currently not on lock down lock down, but I've been trying to do my best at distancing myself from others and it is HARD. I mean I'm such a busy body in general always on the go from here to there that this staying at home all day business is really getting to me. I'm sure plenty of you out there can agree. Luckily I have lots of ideas as for content I want to create for y'all to keep me busy, but I think it's just not leaving the house that's killing me. I've only left to take my dog on a walk lol, that's how good I've been. Surprisingly I know.

I even went to the store and purchased my own weights so I wouldn't feel guilty not going to the gym where it's prolly the absolute worst place to be when not trying to be around germs. Like we can only clean so good in a gym, and if everyone doesn't do their part (which sadly happens) then we're all screwed. So I picked some up the other day while I was at Target and they def have come in handy! I've been getting morning workout in right in the comfort of my kitchen lol. I may try to record some home fitness routines to share with y'all. Also, I got lots of makeup tutorials, some hair, and style cookbooks coming your way. So stay tune!

If you'd like to see how I spent DAY 1 on LOCK DOWN, be my guest and click below to see :)




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