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Abs at Home

Hi lovelies,

We're workin on that center today!

Summer is gonna be here in no time, which means it's swimsuit season. Unless you live in FL like me, then it's always swimsuit season lol. A big confident booster for us ladies especially is having a physique we're proud of. I'm not saying you have to have a 12 pack. I'm saying the work you put in whether it's from working out or practicing better eating habits, it'll all show throughout your center. When we feel good about our center, confidence radiates!

Not only this, but having a strong core helps in so many ways. If you think about it, your core is what holds everything together. Having a strong core is going to give you better posture, it's going to protect your back... especially your low lumbar, and make other activities feel less of a load. Say it's "Leg Day" if you don't hold your abs in tight, you're bound to throwout your back and also in the process put strain on your joints. So in the end you hurt, but in the wrong way... leaving yourself not wanting to work out again.

We utilize our centers in daily activities. Even walking! We're using our abdominal muscle whether you realize it or not.

So anyways, I have a few exercises that I want you to try out and let me know how you feel the next day. I promise if you perform these moves about 3 times a week along with a healthy diet, you will not only see but feel results. Which ultimately feeling the change is what matters and what boosts our confidence :)

Hope you're all staying safe and healthy




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