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Thighs & Tricep Toning

Hey Lovelies,

It's been requested for some targeted focus on sculpting our thighs and tris! Which I'm not gonna lie, those two areas are pretty tough for myself to tone or at least see results. So this works for all of us to do it together :)

In this workout out I combined some of my typical go to weight lifting moves with some more danceresque positions and though behind the moves. We all have seen ballerinas and their crazy toned legs, so this was my inspiration while doing these moves. I also made this super beginner friendly! I talk you through all the moves and explain the positions and what you should be feeling or keeping engaged. I think that comes in pretty helpful when trying out new moves. Also, I give you the options to make it more challenging or knock it down a notch to do what's best for you.

This is YOUR time! YOUR effort! YOUR body! Take it at the pace that is best for YOU!

Got questions? leave me a comment or shoot me a dm, I'm happy to help where I can.




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