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New Active Wear

Lovelies, I know I know it's been really hard for us to keep our motivation up while we've been stuck in an unfortunate rut. One of the ways I find to help keep mine motivation up is with my active style.

I'm not gonna lie to ya, it's been hard for me to. At the beginning of quarantine I was all about bringing as much fitspo to you all. What were some easy options to keep active in the house. Simple exercises that could be done with or without equipment. I know for myself, prior to being on lock down I never worked out at home, I was always a gym girl. Don't get me wrong, I still do love the gym, but I haven't been back yet. I know some gyms have reopened, and I've thought about, but I'm just not ready for that yet. So staying home and trying to find that daily workout motivation can be tough. I get it, it gets repetitive. This is why even though I'm at home, I still like to get put together and feel cute for my workouts.

I recently discovered a new active wear company, Baleaf Sports. I'm always on the lookout for new brands when it comes to my athletic wear. I like to switch it up and find what forms my body best. I feel like this honestly plays a big part in your fitness journey. I've said it a million times, but if you feel cute you're going to work so much harder! It's true - do it. I got a few new pieces in from Baleaf and thought I'd share my thoughts with you about the items. My selections are def more your basics, which you can absolutely never go wrong with.

Biker shorts have made their comeback, and I needed some! These wore so nicely and were super comfortable working out in. Nice and high waisted with pockets! I love a pocket. Especially when I do head back to the gym, it makes it so convenient to have my phone on me from one machine to the next. These are definitely a longer inseam, which I liked and throw an oversized tee on with these and you got yourself a stylish casual look too. This purple color I'm in love with. I'm still a pink girl always, that'll never change but I have been a sucker for this pastel lilac lately. It's so pretty and soft. It's a high low, so the back hangs longer and there's also a key on the back which makes it extra breathable.

Like I said, you can never have too many basics! I own soooo many pairs of plain black leggings. They're a staple! I wear them for working out purposes. I wear them to lounge in. I wear them to dress up with a boot. Black leggings are so versatile and you can never have too many. The thing with black is they can fade easier, so you always gotta have a fresh pair ready to go. Now these particularly I would probably save for those lounging around days or to pair with a casual look. I gave them the squat test, and they got a little sheer across the bum. You could def workout in them as well because they were lightweight so breathable, but I'd save them for upper body work only.

Now this set is my favorite. I love the crop and these little shortie shorts. The top is fitted, with a little flare on the bottom. It has a super fun mesh back detail ( you can see a little better in the next look). And again, white tops I go through like crazy. I love them. This does come in lots of other colors as well though. I'm sure you can see these shorts are shorter than the black in the inseam. I don't mind that they're shorter to be honest. I'm a dancer and use to dancing in booty shorts so it doesn't bother me. The hardest problem I come across with short shorts though are that they cut into my thighs more so or that they ride up while working out. You can see that they cut in slightly around my thighs... again dancer so have meatier legs, you might not have to deal with this problem. It's not tight or hurting, it's just the vanity of it for me. I will say that while working out thought in these they stayed put!

There's the mesh back I was telling ya about. I have been wanting a pair of white leggings for sooo long now. I'm always nervous with white bottoms because of either getting them dirty or being see through. Well, these hit the cute mark, but unfortunately not the non-sheer. Bummer I know. It's so hard with white I know. Not only during the squat test were these completely see through though. Super stretchy and comfortable, but I could only make these work to wear out if I paired them with a longer top or tied a flannel around my waist.

So even though the leggings didn't stand up to my liking, everything else did and as I mentioned these issues could just be for me. Everyone's body is different and you may not have the same issues as I do. Everything ran TTS (true to size). I have a S in everything and it all fits perfect. If you shop Baleaf and find stuff you like, make sure to save 10% off with my code: BLFLOVELAURA.

Incase you missed my most recent at home workout routine, here ya go! It's a complete upper body set and you can see how my Baleaf active wear performed during my sweat sess.



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