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Asheville, NC Trip Details

So I did a thing, and I decided to take a trip with my LarBears!

He started working again like mid June we'll say, and every week he has to travel up to Asheville, North Carolina. Seeing that I'm still off work, I figured why not tag along and get a change of scenery. And a pretty beautiful one at that!

Yes, current times it's still a little unsettling to travel, but at the same time we have to continue life. Be smart about it, and take extra precautions but enjoy yourself, ya know. For instance, I brought along my Clorox wipes, and even though the hotel had been "cleaned" I went through it all myself to feel better about it. Also, have plenty of on-the-go sanitizers with you. I have them everywhere, and immediately use them once entering the car or room.

Now I didn't get too much sight seeing in given the fact of Larry needing to work every day, all day. We also took Burly (our miniature poodle) with us. So leaving the room to go and explore was a little more difficult too. All in all, I basically worked on my computer like normal just from the hotel room instead. In the evening once Lar was off we went out to explore.

He took me to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. Which was absolutely beautiful!!! I'm not eventuate big on nature, but the mountain views. Omg, I could never get sick of! We went up to see Mt. Pisgah, and it was just unreal. There were plenty of overlooks so you could pull off to the side and scoop the mountain out along your way to the top. One of the later nights within the week he took me over to check out the "Looking Glass Waterfall." I don't really think I've ever seen a real waterfall before to be honest. It was so cool and we even were able to make our way down to the bottom to see it more up close.

The exciting sight seeing continued with our visit to The Biltmore. First, if you've never been I seriously recommend you going for a visit. The estate is absolutely stunning. Princess dreams, stunning! Ok, like it's a mansion duh, but to think about when this was built is crazy. We also, took a tour of the mansion itself. So like we got to walk through a lot of it. There was a room for everything it seemed plus some. The grounds were gorgeous, and the garden... more princess dreams come true. Now if only I could make this happen with what I'm working with lol.

Here is the complete travel vlog from our trip so you can witness first hand some of the stuff we did and got to see.

Definitely stay tuned for more couple photos from our trip. Larry actually agreed to taking pix with me for like a faux engagement shoot. We will obviously be having real shoot hopefully sometime soon within the next couple months. It's been put off longer since ya know the pandemic making everything hard, and now it's crazy hot. So for the mean time at least we captured some really beautiful moments from this past trip. If you're not already following me on IG, you should so you don't miss a post.

Continue to stay safe and healthy lovelies, but live your life to the best you can given the current times.




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