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DIY Save the Dates

Every little step that leads us closer and closer the the wedding is getting me so excited. I am so happy our Save the Dates have started to go out. I decided to do them all on my own, so they're taking quite a bit if time to get them all complete. Luckily, I've had very little mess ups, so that's good.

I've mentioned before that Lar and I are trying to make everything as cost efficient as possible, so DIYing these most definitely helped in saving on cost. Once we finally got our engagement photos back we decided on the one we both liked best. Boy was that hard! I was in love with all of them, because Kaitlyn did such an amazing job capturing us. Then I just took to Canva and created it myself! I had a lot of fun playing around with the layouts I had in mind and choosing the perfect fonts and colors. To be honest I was really proud of myself for what I ended up making and Lar loved it too!

We ended up having one of our close friends print them for us, which was a huge savings and we're so thankful they could help us out with that. The texture of the cards are like suede, it's so nice! Then from there it was getting envelopes and getting them put together and out. I created a full DIY on how I created them and you can watch it here.

I love how they turned out keeping along with the fairytale feels as much as I possibly can! Invites will be up in no time and I have ideas, but not sure if I'll be able to DIY those. I'll for sure keep you updated on those as well though.

For all the information on where I got everything it's linked above in the video's description box.

We're 10 months out, can you believe it?!!




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