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My NSale Finds

It's finally arrived Lovelies. My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks!

Also, incase you're unaware it's the 19th which means it's open to the public starting today! How exciting!

With all the build up to the sale, I knew I would have to show you what I ended up getting. There was lots of things from Preview that I had talked about, that I was able to get but there was also a lot that had already been sold out. This is the only downfall I hate about the sale. I really wish Nordstrom we just open the sale to everyone at the same time so it was more fair. Or at least only gift card holders a day in advance. To be honest I don't know how much people spend to become "Icon" status that just seems unreal to me.

The Looks

This is the first outfit that I pulled out of the box and right away I felt like a bad ass. I live in Florida, so a lot of these outfits are unnecessary because it's always hot here… But you can't help a girl who loves fall in the fashion that goes with it. This Moto jacket is so unbelievably soft and the color will go perfect to pair with any outfit. And the jeans, OMG! These jeans are the AG's that I always rave about and they definitely didn't disappoint. I love the light color, and they fit like a glove. The quality is amazing. Honestly they last for years. Finishing off the look are these boots! I think boots are my absolute favorite of all things! Seriously, I couldn't tell you how many pairs of boots I own but I always need more. These were a little bit of a splurge, but they're Tory Burch and I absolutely love! They're such a classic bootie that'll be able to be worn for years. Also, I really liked the rubber sole for better traction and it also makes it seem more casual i na sense.

Let's get a little more comfortable now. This cardigan is something I was really hoping to get my hands on. I'm thankful that I did! It is sold out now, but I'm hoping they'll restock. It was a hot ticket item last year, and by the looks of it it is this year again. It is so cozy. There's not enough words for me to tell you how soft and supple this cardigan feels while wearing. Barefoot Dreams is known for they're insanely soft and cuddly blankets and cardigans, and to be honest I never broke down to purchase because they are a little on the pricier side. I'm telling you though, they are worth it! Especially if you can get it while at the sale price... then do it! I was lucky enough to order one of the blankets from them as well. I promise, you'll fall in love with them.

Now for these shoes. I love a wedge sneaker, and this blush color was a no brainer. For some reason I was hesitant on ordering, but decided to give them a shot. They are cute, but being honest they're not that comfortable. It's hard to explain but the wedge platform of the shoe just is too solid if that makes any sense. I could make it work, but I'm way happier with other things from my order that I think these may go back.

For instants, this look! This sweater was another item I was unsure about, but I'm so glad I ended up purchasing. It's from Top Shop. I just love the blush color with the tans and cream striped arms. Gives me kind of a throwback vibe ya know. You may realize the jean color has changed, and I'm quite impressed. This is a new brand that I'm trying out, but the fit is pretty damn good. Very stretchy and body hugging in a good way. My only thing is that they feel a little on the big side. I recommend ordering because they're under $50, but size down.

Some more sweaters, and this was a last-minute add-on. I love the cream color and all of the different textures, but why can't it be just a tad bit longer?! I ordered a M thinking I wouldn't have this problem, but unfortunately it didn't make the difference. I love the look and it's another classic piece so I may keep it, I haven't decided. This crossbody is another item I fell in love with. Super sleek, and is going to match perfectly for all of my bridal occasions. Definitely another investment piece that'll be with you for years. My Tory Burch purse I got last year on the sale is one I wear quite often with different looks and still looks amazing. The quality of these are done so well.

Any last up for this order is this super cute pink teddy coat. Again do I need this in Florida, absolutely not... But everything about this screams LAURA (and if your style is like mine then it screams your name too)! Super soft, super cute on. I ended up getting a S in this because of the more boxy style. It fits great and with the sweater underneath. I have another coat on the way, it's just not in yet. We'll have to do a comparison and see which is the keeper... I think we already know the answer to that question tho, cough cough the pink one ;)

If you lovelies would like more of a full on review and the scoop of these items watch the Tryon Hall below. I go into full detail for each piece and what's available and what sold out with price points too!

Hope you have fun shopping the sale for yourselves! There's definitely some things you should check out. Good thing with Nordstrom, you can always always always return. Returns are hassle free and free altogether. So you get something you don't like, there's no worries.

Stay safe and healthy lovelies!




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