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Summer Essentials 2020

What can I say lovelies, this summer has and will continue to look A LOT different than most summers! This means I have way more things I'm considering an essential for the season.

My haul is live on my YT channel and I'll have it down below for you to view... there may be an exciting announcement in it! So you should probably check it out at some point.

It's summer though and it's HOT! We need to make sure we are protected when we go outside and yes I'm talking about sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin. I newly have tested out the new Tula face sunscreen and think it's great. To be honest, I'm the worst with face sunscreen. I never really use to put it on unless doing a pool day or a day at the beach... I know don't scream at me. This is a game changer though. It's not greasy or slimy feeling and bonus it has a shimmer of golden light to it, so it's like a highlighter and sunscreen in one! As for my body, I wanna talk about my go to spf bronzer. Good old Australian Gold bbyyy! I have been using this for years and love it. Now I'm talking about shorter hours out in the sun for this one. I wouldn't recommend doing a full day out at the beach without applying a more heavy duty sunscreen prior, but I also burn easily until I get a base. I like this because it helps give me some extra color while protecting my skin and I don't feel greasy after. That's a big thing for me and sunscreen!

An addition especially to my summer needs since ya know I'm engaged and got a precious sparkle baby on my finger to take care of is a silicone ring. I never thought I'd be one to wear these, but after it happening to me I completely get it. I'm probably a little extra safe with my baby, I'm so scared of ruining it and def can not lose her. So back on the topic of pool and beach days or even when it comes to working out or doing chores... I like to change out my ring. This way I know she's safe, but also I have something on my finger to make me feel good and also not lose my mind thinking I lost the real one. Also, with the being a bride to be and ya know the unfortunate pandemic going on masks are a must. Well thanks to my girl, Kenzie, I have one of the prettiest masks out there. She sent this to surprise me for our bridal shopping trips! How freakin sweet! It's just the prettiest and I love it.

Let's talk about some basic summer wardrobe pieces that should be added to your closet. Obvi shorts are in. I found the perfect short finally. Can I get an AMEN!? Seriously, I love a short, but they're always so annoying to wear. They ride up, then they're huge around your waist, your ass is hanging out... it's just not a pretty sight. Well, these AGolde's have finally made me feel super confident while wearing a short and there's no more wedgie picking. Yes, I did shell out a few more dollars than I normally would for a short, but it was worth it.

Also, y'all know I'm totally here the tie dye that's making a come back. I might be a little too hear for it lol. I'm loving everything in it. And either a crop tee or an oversized tee, ugh yes! I have been living in them.

I feel like we also need a simple versatile dress in our collection. Well this lightweight bodycon ribbed dress checks all the marks. So many colors available and under $10!!! Like insane. You make this sporty, turn it into a cover up for the beach, even wear it out for a hot date night by throwing on a sexy scrappy heel. So many ideas and it's soooo simple. Save 15% off with code: T3LOVELAURA.

There's a lot more to be shared, but trust it's way more entertaining to watch the haul! It's right here for your enjoyment and find out what that exciting announcement was ;)

Hope you all are doing ok and hanging in there. Get outside and enjoy it. It's nice to take in the simple things that we tend to over look.




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