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Sculpted Arms

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Still working on my goal to keep fit through this holiday season. My main focus are my arms currently. I've always wanted to get them super defined, but it's hard and can get discouraging. In this post you'll learn about another technique to help sculpt and tone the backs of your arms.

Below are the steps for "One Weight Lifts" another exercise we do at the Bar Method... you may also know them as "Tricep Kickbacks/Lifts"

1. Stand in a lunge postion & hold onto the weight in the same hand as leg that is back.

2. Lift arm up to hip height

For this next steps there's a few things you could do which I demonstrate in the video below, but as pictured...

3. Bend elbow to 90degrees & re-straighten, or try tiny bend/stretches, or keep straight and lift up

Here's a demonstration of the 3 options you can perform:

Also, know that an actual weight is not needed if not available. You can use a water bottle or even better a wine bottle ;) Anything that is around to add a little something and that is comfortable to hold.


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