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All the Sparkle


All the Sparkle

Who else is with me with LOVING everything that Sparkles?!!

I am the ultimate girly girly who loves shiny sparkly things and always will being glitzing up any outfit. Well why not glitz up your shoes? It's a simple way to do this and everyone will be admiring your precious gems!

Here I'm using one of the most basic flats there are, TOMS, that already are super comfy and cute on, but I've added Swarovski rhinestones to bling them out and make a statement. Rhinestoning has been one of my favorite hobbies since high school, because I would always be doing this to my dance costumes. It's so much fun and oddly enough relaxing at the same time.

This design I created using 3 different colors of crystals: Jet, Black Diamond, and Crystal. The combination made this pattern look super princess-like you'll see below. Basically is wanting to give this a shot yourself just make sure you have an idea in mind before you start glueing and placing the stones, because after they're on... they're not coming off so easily. Otherwise you can always contact me to glitz up a pair of your shoes, or honestly anything in that matter! Like I mentioned I've done dance costumes and also I do cell phone cases, and other styles of shoes too. I have a pair of Nikes that are stoned and super cute, you can see them HERE.

The Beginning:

All the Sparkle

Finished Product!

All the Sparkle

All the Sparkle

This pair was made specially for one of my good friends. Thanks Meghan for the support in my hobby! I hope your friend loves them for Valentines! Feel free to hit me up if you're interested in a pair of these beauties or getting something else sparkled up. Just head to my blog to do so :)




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