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Did Somebody Say "Pretzel"

TOP: Lululemon (older, other options HERE and HERE) | LEGGINGS: Alo Yoga | WATCH: Apple | CUFF: Henri Bendel

Still trying to find that perfect exercise that'll whip your seat into shape?! No need to go any further. Performing this exercise will definitely help do the trick not only to get that perfect dent in the side of your cheek, but Pretzel helps widdle away your waistline by targeting your obliques at the same time! The great thing about this strengthening seat option is that you can perform it while at home or amongst traveling if there's no time to squeeze in class or get to the gym. It's pretty simple too... just not as simple stay in it because boy does it start to burn.

1. Start by sitting on one cheek. Keep that knee directly forward of your seated hip, like a 90 degree angel. Place that same side's hand next to your front knee and slide it out slightly. Then with your other leg draw it back so your knee is aligned out from your hip. Lightly place your other hand on your front ankle or shin.

Did Somebody Say "Pretzel"

2. Engage your glute to float your back leg off the floor... your going to feel the catch in your seat right away! Challenge, try to keep your shin on an angle to your foot is higher than your lifted knee. This will carve deeper into the side of your seat.

You can perform multiple variations in this position, such as: small lifts up, presses back, extend and bend slowly, draw your heel in quickly, etc. A combination of these choreographic cues will get your seat burning and cramping in a good way.

Did Somebody Say "Pretzel"

3. You can always take it further and lift one or both arms. This will challenge your core and make sure it's engaged. It also helps dig deeper into your obliques to cinch in that waist line :)

Did Somebody Say "Pretzel"

Enjoy getting twisted! It's called Pretzel fro a reason after all :)




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