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Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

Hey y'all,

I know lots of us Floridians are trying to get back into living our lives like normal now that Irma has past. We were very blessed throughout this hurricane. Some how we remained with power throughout the night and there was really no damage to us. Only debris that needed to be cleaned up. We were very lucky. I know a few of our close friends and family didn't have it as nicely though, so thinking of them through the next stages to get back to normal.

To move onto more happy thoughts though, I'm back with another super easy and affective exercise to help sculpt your back. I'm sure you've heard of performing Lat Pulls at the gym where you pull down on a weighted bar, well these Lat Pulls can be done at home as long as you have some light weights or filled water/wine bottles ;)

To be honest you could totally do these even without any weights, you just really need to feel the engagement of your muscles taking over for it to work. Take a glance below to see how simple the steps are to perform to help cinch in your waistline from the backside.

1. You can perform these Lat Pulls either in Parallel Hip Width (PHW) or in a 2nd position as I'm demonstrating. If standing in 2nd position plié, you're giving your legs an extra little challenge while focusing on your back muscles.

Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

2. Bend your arms into a 90 degree angle. Keep palms facing one another.

Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

3. Open your forearms out to the side, keep palms forward. Notice my wrists are inline with my elbows.

Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

4. Draw your shoulder blades down and back, helping to open your chest and contract your back muscles. Make sure to keep your rib cage closed, or hold your core in tight to prevent arching your back.

Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

5. Layer a "squeeze" inward towards each elbow. By layering the squeeze you're activating your Lats to cinch in your waist line from the back side.

Sculpting for that Hour Glass Figure

Another advantage of this exercise is that your getting a nice stretch through your front side by keeping your chest lifted and opened. Besides your back muscles you're also engaging your biceps, deltoids, and core... not to mention your legs as long as you take the 2nd position option as I['m showing you!

Give these Lat Pulls a try and let me know how they work for you. If there's further questions, feel free to reach out to me. I'll try to get back to you with an answer as quickly as I can.

Start reshaping your backside today ;)



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