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Lift and Tone Your Seat

Hey Y'all,

I'm bringing you another quick exercise that'll help to lift and tone your seat! This is absolutely one of my favorite seat exercises done at Bar, and you can honestly perform this anywhere to sculpt your tush. It's called exactly what it looks like, Diagonal Seat. Obvi I'm demonstrating while at the studio so have the bar, but if you're at home or traveling simply use your counter top, or the back of a chair. This exercise is another great option for low impact because it's performed using only your body weight. You'll see below the steps and a variety of choreographic options to really get to toning your glutes.

1. Start with feet PHW. Stand a full arms length away from bar/counter top. Soften your knees. Lightly place hands on top of bar.

Lift and Tone Your Seat

2. Hinge forward from your hips, so your body is on a diagonal/45 degree angle to bar.

Lift and Tone Your Seat

3. Extend one leg behind you (I'm demonstrating using my right).

Lift and Tone Your Seat

4. Press the top of your foot into the floor to tuck your seat. Draw your abs up and in. Press your shoulders down and back.

*notice the difference of the shape/line of my backside from this pic to the one above. This is what you should look like after "Tucking."

Lift and Tone Your Seat

5. Squeeze your right cheek (which ever leg's cheek thats extended behind you) to float your foot off the floor. It'll only lift about 2" with maintaining your tucked position.

*notice the perfect diagonal line from my head down through my pointed foot.

You should be able to hold your balance here, so try not to lean into the bar. Perform choreography of choice.


- small lifts up

- squeezes in

- small circles

- tap toes to floor and lift

Lift and Tone Your Seat

6. For an extra hamstring zing, you can always bend your knee to creat a 90 degree angle. You may need to draw your working leg back to maintain 6-8" between your knees. Always continue to squeeze and hold onto that tucked position with your seat. That will keep the resistance through your glutes to really feel this exercise correctly.


- presses back

- squeeze heel to seat in and out 1"

- hold and tuck your seat

Lift and Tone Your Seat

I hope this has sparked your interest to give it try. I promise you'll definitely feel the toning happening when this is performed correctly. The most important thing is to keep the firm grip and tuck of your seat throughout this exercise to really feel and get results!



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