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Quick Leg Day Workout


It has been forever since I've brought you some gym inspiration. I was like Laura, you gotta get back on top of sharing your regime with your peeps... so here's to it.

I got a quick little leg day workout for y'all to test out next time you're in the gym. These exercises are some of my standard choices for every leg day. They're not hard, just the weight added makes them a b****! In a good way obviously though. You can watch it in full on my YT, click HERE. I also have it fully wrote out in the description box there as well. Incase your the type of person that would rather have it wrote down.

Also, the set I'm wearing in this vid is seriously one of my faves from Gymshark! The quality of this collection is 100%. Fits like a glove, not sheer at all, holds you in, and is sooooo flattering. I def recommend checking these out. I'm wearing the green in a size small. There also is a black (I have and is awesome) and a light purple/grey.


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