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Blast Away Back Fat

Hi lovelies,

More fitness motivation/inspiration for ya! I'm sharing some simple moves that can be performed at the gym to target your back muscles and help you blast away that stubborn back fat. I'd say these are pretty beginner - intermediate moves, just adjust the weight accordingly to challenge yourself.

Y'all I LOVE a cable machine! Have you used this before? And if not, what are you waiting for?!!

Seriously you can perform so many different exercises on one of these, and I really like that it adds resistance in both directions. I feel like you have to work and engage your muscle more here than doing the moves freely. Also, by building your Lat muscles your targeting your upper back to build and give you a slimmer more hourglass figure!

Watch the video below to get my Back Attack Workout and try it for yourself! Have a question, feel free to ask below or shoot me a DM on IG, I'll get back to ya.


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