How I Take Instagram Photos by Myself

Hi Lovelies,

Sharing some inside secrets with you all today! I've been shooting ON MY OWN lately... Does it work? Do I look stupid? How? Well I'll be answering all of this and there's a quick like quick snippet of me demonstrating how the magic happens.

So WHY have I been shooting on my own? Well, Larry has been gone a lot due to his job. He's constantly traveling which cool for him, but it sucks on my end for more than just getting pictures taken! With this though it does make it really rough for me to get sponsored posts out in a timely manner. Leading to why I figured out this set up.

Do I look stupid? Heck YES I look like an idiot, but I don't care! I gotta get my content some how and this is working, so who cares if you look a little silly. Am I right?! Besides, you most likely will never see those people ever again - so it doesn't matter.

Now for the tricks! I invested in a phone tripod and a bluetooth clicker. That's it! Also, these items are super cheap and easy to use. I'll have them listed below for you. But yeah, all I do is extend the legs of the tripod then set my phone up in it. I use it on selfie mode for now, this was I can see myself. I'm sure I could get a little better quality if I flipped the phone around, but I haven't had the best of luck not cutting some part of me off the screen then lol. From here turn on the clicker and start shooting! I like to use portrait mode as much as I can, but sometimes I'll set it on regular so I can use burst mode to catch all the twirls and hair flips a little bit better ;)

Watch for yourselves! It's literally like 2 mins lol. Shot this the other day while I was in and out of the park. Not gonna lie, this was the busiest place I've ever tried this and def got lots of stares. Oh wells, lol! Oh and also, in order for me to catch the action on screen I had a sweet friend help me out just a little, but I promise I took all the pix.

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