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Capturing Content on Your Own

Hi Lovelies,

I'm bringing you another informational video on how you are able to capture content on your own!

I brought you one of these tutorials just the other month, but I had a few of y'all asking for another and a little more in depth one. So, here ya go.

I'd say the hardest thing about being an influencer is GETTING THE CONTENT! I mean if I were able to do this as my full-time job, then it might be a different story. Seeing that it's not though and I actually work a ft job otherwise, along with 2 sides jobs... it gets a little stressful just having the content to share with you all. I love doing it though and have fun with it, but I def would say this is the most challenging part of the lifestyle.

When it comes to getting the images though, whether or not my boyfriend is in town he doesn't love doing it all the time and I understand that. So I discovered this technique to capture content ON MY OWN. To be honest it's quite nice because there's no one pressuring you to get the right shot, or getting frustrated that you're not happy with them and take five million more, or the hair wasn't laying right. It's just you doing you on your own time frame!

Take a peak below to watch where I headed for this particular shoot and see how I create my magic.




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