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Upper Body Drop Sets

Hi ya lovelies,

I got a little fitness inspiration for your Fitness Friday. It's been a sec since I've talked about some of my workouts, and I've been trying some new things to switch it up so thought I'd share.

So my main targeted areas in today's video is Chest and Triceps, but I added in something different called a Drop Set. Now incase you haven't heard of this before, a "drop set" is on your last set of the exercise and you do it like three times dropping the weight as you go. So you'd start at your heaviest what you've been using complete the set, and then drop it down slightly and do the move again until burn out. Then you got one more drop in ya and again perform till burn out.

I am not kidding you, you are going to FEEL IT!

It's such a good feeling though nailing those last few reps and feeling the burn. This is what you need to really get those muscles to grow! When the blood is pumping into that area and you push the muscle to failure, this is what gives us that "swole" look and helps them really get bigger.

So I def would say try this out the next time your in the gym. It can be applied to all exercises!

Also, I hope you lovelies enjoy the fit vid ;)




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