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At Home Workout Series | Shoulders

Hey lovelies,

I know we all have been having some difficulty getting our bodies moving, so what better than a little motivation! I'm going to be sharing the workouts that I'm actually doing at home with y'all so you too can keep busy and get some exercise in.

Prior to the "lock down" I went out and purchased 3s,5s, and 10s so I would have weights at home to keep on it, but incase you don't own weights no worries! You can simply use some things lying around your house already. Soups cans, wine bottles, gallon jugs (filled to your desire), or even toilet paper and paper towel rolls work. Everything that I'm doing is pretty basic, but incase you need a little extra guidance I have the full instructional video on my Youtube! The shorten versions without explanations will be shared to my IGTV. So which ever you feel more comfortable and confident with your fitness skills is out there for you. I know some of us like to just get into it straight away and there are some that need that extra help with tips - so I hope I'm able to bring that to you.

The focus in this video are SHOULDERS along with your OBLIQUES. We all know what our shoulders are, but there's so many muscles that enclose this joint it's important to keep them strong to give it the most protection possible. And for your obliques, those are the sides of your waistline basically. They help cinch in your waistline to help with your curvy figure. They're part of your abdominals which I always love focusing on... but yes a lot of the abs/tummy flattening comes more from the kitchen vs workouts. The workouts help to give you a strong center, but the flattening or weight loss is more so on what you eat. It sucks I know because I love me some pizza and ice cream.

Take a watch try these exercises out. Remember, you do not need weights or any props, you can totally do this with nothing as well. Also, I'm kneeling in some of these exercises because my arms would've hit my fan otherwise lol so you can totally do these standing. Just open your feet to hips width apart and put a little bend into your knees to give you a more stable stance and prevent you from over locking your knees.

More fitspo will be on the way!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!




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