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At Home Workouts | Back & Biceps

Hey ya lovelies,

Like I promised more fitspo coming at ya!

Today's featured muscles we're working on are your BACK & BICEPS. This is one of my favorites exercise days. I love having and working on a sculpted back. Nevermind bikini season per say, living in FL we're usually in tanks or ots tops and I for sure want those muscles that are showing to look fierce.

Also, having strong back helps with your posture so so much. If you know how to engage your upper back muscles and get them strong and toned, it's so much easier in your day to day life to keep that beautiful posture. Chest lifted and shoulders down, showing all the confidence in the world!

I got the full informative video on the Tubes, which is below for you to view. Don't forget, I also have the shortened version up on my IGTV.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Get Fit!




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