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Beach Waves Tutorial

Hi lovelies,

Putting my time while at home to feeling some sense of normalcy throughout the days. Getting ready and done up is part of my daily routine for the most part prior to our social distancing phase. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere, and some days it def feels nice not to do anything. There's some days though that I just have to do myself up to feel productive and get things done.

So I'm sharing an easy hair tutorial on creating the perfect beachy waves for our summer looks! I promise this isn't difficult to recreate for yourself. I'm using a 1" curling iron. You can use a wand, but I feel like the clamp from the curling iron helps give you a better wavy look.

Prior to styling my hair with any heat tool, I'll use a heat protectant and primer spray on my wet strands. I only do this after I shower and wash my hair... yes I'll go two to three days with each wash. This is the only product that I put into my hair prior to curling.

The tutorial will show you all the steps and I'll talk ya through it, but I'll give you a shortened description here:

1. split hair into halves

2. start from the back

3. take about 1" thick sections

4. place hair into clamp and wrap hair around rod

*Do Not roll your hair like you normally would when simply curling

5. leave about an 1" tail at the end

6. alternate the direction of the curl with each section

7. tossel to desired look

8. spritz to lock it in

I hope you enjoy and give this look a try! The video will walk you through the complete steps :)

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Home!




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